Cellar Restaurant & Jazz Club

3611 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6R2B8
ph. 604 738 1959


Logo of Cellar Restaurant & Jazz Club

No contest here. There's no other club dedicated to jazz in the city. Owner Cory Weeds doesn't get the big American names Rossini's occasionally does, but his club presents Canada's best musicians nightly, and an assortment of lesser-known international names, in a cool jazz environment that takes its music seriously. (There's a noise policy, so don't expect to go there and yak with your friends all night-the emphasis is on the music.) The club will soon be celebrating its one-year anniversary. --Georgia Straight (Best of Vancouver 2001)

In five short years The Cellar Restaurant and Jazz Club has established itself as not only the top jazz venue in Vancouver, but as one of the top jazz clubs in the world...
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